Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The 30 Minute SCRAMBLE!!!!!!

What is the 30 minute scramble you may ask??-
It is an opportunity for you to to save 15% on your intire order at www.hyenacart.com/fluffybabybehind!!! On a pre - chosen day(see below) and time, you will have 30 minutes to shop, order and pay to recieve the sale.

How does it work and what do you do??-
It works like this, log on to the site above and check out all of my products and make a list of what you want. Then come back this friday December 5th 2008 from 2:00pm-2:30pm and place your order and pay with coupon code SCRAM30 to recieve your 15% off your order. This coupon code will only work on that day in that time slot only. Sale goes for all items on the site above!! So get on! Start shopping! And HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!

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