Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The 30 Minute SCRAMBLE!!!!!!

What is the 30 minute scramble you may ask??-
It is an opportunity for you to to save 15% on your intire order at www.hyenacart.com/fluffybabybehind!!! On a pre - chosen day(see below) and time, you will have 30 minutes to shop, order and pay to recieve the sale.

How does it work and what do you do??-
It works like this, log on to the site above and check out all of my products and make a list of what you want. Then come back this friday December 5th 2008 from 2:00pm-2:30pm and place your order and pay with coupon code SCRAM30 to recieve your 15% off your order. This coupon code will only work on that day in that time slot only. Sale goes for all items on the site above!! So get on! Start shopping! And HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Black Friday Holiday Sale

Hey there bloggers!! I wanted to post about my black friday sale that is happening this friday on november 28, 2008. The sale includes everything in my Hyenacart (except those adorable baby in the pics in the gallery lol) Anywho, the sale is as follows-
-Buy any Fleece soaker (instock or custom) and get a embellished prefold of your chioce for free. code FREEPREFOLD3 at checkout
-Buy any pair of Toasties and get 10% with discount code LEGS08 at checkout.
Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Shopping!!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Life without a PACI!!!!

Is so tiring at times for Jonah and myself! Ever sence 11-11-08 Jonah has not had his paci. Cold turkey - gone. Sence then he sleeps way better at night but, wont nap for crap, and has decided to have a new wake up time in the morning - from 7-30 to now a bright sun shinny 5-5:30 am WOOT!!! NOT iam so tired its not even funny. But I geuss that comes with motherhood!! But I have to say I would rather get up with Jonah at anytime he wakes up then have someone else do it!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Hello bloggers! I'am haveing a grand opening giveway for one custom - picked by you fleece soaker. Here is how it works- After I post I will wait untill Tuesday Novmber 18th (one week from today) and do a random drawing from the names of posters in the coments from this blog post. Make sure you leave an email or some way for me to get in contact with you if you win. Thats it pretty easy huh? Who ever is picked I get in touch with and get thier choice of fabric and style and thats that. I hope you all post and good luck!!!

Here are fabric choices that you can pick from-
Photobucketflowers and brown

Photobucket Owls and orange

Photobucket scotties and brown

Photobucket kittys and black

Photobucket blue and white

Photobucket pasiley and green or blue

Photobucket mod pink dots and pink
Photobucket Retro flowers and pink

Photobucket Mod dots and brown
Photobucket paws and black

Also check out my items on hyena cart!! www.hyenacart.com/fluffybabybehind
Happy Posting!!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

How I got into sewing

When Jonah was about 7 months old I decided I wanted to cloth diaper. I always did from day one but never thought I had the time to do so nor the paients. Well when I finally took the plunge I loved it! It is so much easier then everyone always said and so not stressfull! So I got my first shippment of dipes in the mail from Fuzzi Bunz and they are great i loved them! I only got 7 dipes so i washed everynight when Jonah went to sleep. Then I stumbled acrossed barebottomsboutique 's website and met Jenn. She was so incredibly helpful and nice. She answered all my "new to cloth diapering" questions no matter how silly(and still to this day does). Well anyway she was so great I wanted to try her dipes out, so I got one of her packages and sure enough I loved them. Now when ever I go to change Jonah I always reach for one of her products.

Long story short, I had asked her a few questions about sewing somthing and she made it sound so easy! So i went out the next day and got my first sewing machine and a ton of fabric. I started off embellishing prefold diapers and she was right it was super easy.

Then I moved on to fitted dipes and those didnt come out so well. I still need to work on the pattern!! Next I went to Fleece Soakers. I bought one of these from another WHAM and loved it, so I decided to make some for myself.
This is of my second soaker I had made.

I also have been making Baby warmies (leg warmers) they are so cute and super warm!
You can find all my items on my hyenacart! Please take a look!!!!!! www.hyenacart.com/FluffyBabyBehind


Hello! My name is Andrea and this is my blog! Welcome! Here is alittle bit about me, I live in Maine and love it. I am married to a wonderful man of 5 years and in January of 08' we had our first child. Our bright shinning star, our son Jonah Michael.
I have always wanted to beable to stay home with our children if we had any, and I'am lucky enough to beable to now. I love being able to watch Jonah grow and teach him all i can everyday.
I also just learned to sew within the last month and I'am addicted. I'am addicted to sewing, all the fabric choices, and most of all the end product. I hope that someday I will have an established website with returning customers.