Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jonah's first Christmas

Well as all of you who know us know this year was Jonah's first Christmas!! YAY!. We had so much fun with all of it! We had Christmas at my sisters the Sunday before (any of you that live around me know it was a BLIZZARD) lol any who.. It was fun we went, we ate, we opened presents, we went home, quick and painless.
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Christmas eve we went to my mother-in-laws house. We chit chatted had dinner and did presents there as well. Jonah always has fun at his Nana's house! He loves his Nana!!!
Here is my Gorgeous husband and Jonah's Nana Photobucket

Then ~ Christmas morning at home phew I didn't think it would ever come.. We woke up at normal time had breakfast then headed to the tree.. We was not in any rush because not only did Jonah have no idea it was Christmas or what it is, he had no interest in the presents that we have been telling him not to touch for the last week they were under the tree. So we finally sat down all on the floor around the tree. I helped Jonah open his first present. Then I proceeded to open the rest myself because- once that first present was opened Jonah was playing with it the whole time. We got quick glances towards the other present or more interest in the boxes the things came in then anything else. The big interest was one of those silly stack able ring things that he kept putting into the box that his new LL Bean boots came in (these ended up behind him when he threw them out of the box).
Photobucket look at that adorable fluffy behind!(my complements to thanks Jenn!!)
Jonah's favorite toy~ Photobucket Photobucket
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Then we headed to Great Grammies house and once again ate and did presents lol. It was fun tho Jonah got to play with his favorite cousin Aroura and open his presents (that WE once again opened). All around it was fun but boy am I glad it is OVER!!!! But in the same thought I cant wait till next year, Jonah will be almost two next year and comprehend a little better what is going on (I hope).

Thanks for reading !!! Andrea

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Bare Bottoms Boutique said...

He's so cute! I love the last pic of him in the handsome! :) Oh, and I LOVE that he was wearing one of my dipes while he opened his gifts xmas morning. hahaha